Pauline Cooperators


Bazuaye - LENTEN VISIT 2016 642The Pauline Cooperators are: Persons who ‘understand the Pauline Family and form with it a union of spirit and intentions’. They embrace, in their own way, the two principal purposes above, while the Pauline Family promotes their Christian instruction, leads them to an exemplary life and makes them sharers in the spiritual goods of the congregation and in the merit of the apostolate.

The Pauline Family strives to live perfectly the precepts of charity in the religious life and in the apostolate. The Cooperators, instead, strive to live the same precepts in a Christian life lived more perfectly. All together they form a union of persons aiming at and helping to promote the Glory of God and peace to people after the example of St. Paul.

They are collaborators in the Pauline Mission. They are called, chosen and set apart to do good and be light in the midst of the people of God.

IMG_3221SPIRITUAL FORMATION – through reading and meditation of the Sacred Scripture specially the Gospel, the Acts of the Apostles in the Liturgy of the Church; knowledge of the spiritual heritage of the Pauline Family and participation in the meetings, reunions and retreats that are expressly promoted by the association.

The spirituality of the Pauline Cooperators has at its center and foundation Jesus teacher and Shepherd, Way, Truth, and Life, the integral Christ as known by St. Paul who sees in Christ the fulfillment of the Sacred Scriptures. The cooperator shall entrust him self /herself to Mary, Queen of Apostles. Guide and model of every Pauline, to be guided in the journey to Christification: “It is no longer I that live, but Christ who lives in me” (Gal 2:20).

The Cooperator is nourished at the table of the Word with meditation and spiritual reading, and of the Eucharist “to be wholly in Christ, for a total love for God: intelligence, will, heart, strength. All nature, grace and calling for the apostolate. A cart on four wheels: holiness, study apostolate, poverty” (Blessed James Alberione).


IMG_3378.JPGAs communicators, Pauline Cooperators should do the following, and more:«Write books and pamphlets; edit manuscripts; create brochures, signs, and fliers;  maintain blogs and social networking sites; translate; conduct media workshops, plan liturgies; testify in legislative debates;  write articles for newspapers and journals; and participate in every aspect of civic life and Christian ministry».

They involve themselves in:

  • Assisting in Pauline Media Centers to help diffuse books, bibles, magazines, CDs, DVDs. Promote work for vocation.Designing and presenting instruction in media literacy
  • Giving presentations and talks about the Pauline Family and its charism. Attend annual Cooperator retreats and conferences
  • Promoting World Youth Day within parishes. Prepare and celebrate, World Day of Social Communication.
  • Promoting Gospel Days, Bible Weeks, Days of Pauline Spirituality .Supporting the production, distribution of bibles, and audiovisual materials on the lives of saints.

Become a Cooperator

IMG_3193Anyone with a strong desire to live the Christian life more intensely and work for the good of humanity in communion with the Pauline Family, while remaining in his/her secular state of life, can become a Pauline Cooperator. If you have a love for Scripture, the Eucharist and the Catholic Church you can become a Pauline Cooperator.

If you have a growing interest in knowing, understanding and participating in the Pauline Mission of evangelizing through the mass media, you can become a Pauline Cooperator.

If you find that your Christian ideals harmonize with the ideal of the Pauline Cooperators Association, you can participate in a formation program that will help you get to know the Pauline life and prepare you to make the Cooperators Promise, through which you will become an official member of the Association.

To learn more about the identity, spirituality and mission of the Pauline Cooperators and how to join the Association please contact the group through any of the Daughters of St Paul (Pauline Sisters) in any of our book centres.

ASSOCIATION OFDownload: Pauline Cooperators Calendar 2017


God, to communicate your love to everyone,
you sent your only Son Jesus Christ into the world
and made him our Master,
the Way and Truth and Life of humanity.

Grant that the media of social communication
press, films, radio, television, records and all audiovisuals
may always be used for your glory and the good of all.

Raise up vocations
for this multimedia apostolate,
and inspire all people of good will
to contribute with prayer, action and offerings,
so that through these means
the Church may preach the Gospel to all peoples.


(Blessed James Alberione)